At WonderWomen we are blessed to have some very talented, passionate writers:

AnnaGroden_headshotAnna Groden – Art 
Anna has a passion for all things visual. High on enthusiasm but low on technical ability, she turned her love of art into a thriving art dealership, helping fellow art enthusiasts purchase artworks for their collections, sell existing works and obtain up-to-date insurance valuations. She has a regular radio show on Eastside Radio 89.7 FM where she talks about all things art. Her services and available artworks are on her website:
Life Balance = Time-out. Friendship. Pleasure.

IMG_4157Aurora Kerr – On the Road
Aurora is a traveller first, then feminist, writer, therapist, holiday retreat owner (  nature lover, recycled design lover and adventurer, who lives in Jervis Bay on the beautiful south coast of Australia. She has a suitcase, always packed, at the front door (also helpful for bushfires!)
Life Balance = Travel. Nature. Nurture.

Bec Ordish

Bec Ordish – Women’s Empowerment
Bec is passionate about learning and about life. She wears many hats through which she explores her passions, including running the Mitrataa Foundation, an organisation she founded 13 years ago to provide women and girls in Nepal with the skills and knowledge to empower themselves. Her dream is to be an inspirationalist – someone who inspires others to believe in themselves and achieve their dreams, to find their gift to the world. If we build on what is working, on our gifts and passions, we can tackle any problem faced by the world. She lives in Nepal with her two daughters, Nimu and Saraswoti. Bec can be contacted at
Life Balance = Laughter. Cuddles. Conversations.

bianca-havasBianca Havas – Woman in Spain
Bianca is an adventurer in work and life. Having transitioned from a career in the Hollywood film industry to becoming an environmental campaigner for 10 years, she now works as a facilitator and trainer, helping others to reach their full and authentic potential. On the home front, Bianca, her husband and two children aged eight and six, are about to embark on their dream of travelling and living in Spain for one year. You can follow their adventures on WonderWomen and her blog ouryearinspain
Life Balance = Love/friendship. Fun. Nature.

Profile Shot from GarimoCarin Gala – Wonder Food (Vegan Healthy and Delicious Catering)
Carin creates healthy and delicious food in and around Sydney that is gluten free, refined sugar free and vegan. Emphasising on seasonal, local, and real wholefood ingredients. She passionately caters for retreats, workshops, runs cooking classes, cooking demos and is working on compiling further cookbooks. You can sign up to her newsletter on her website, find her on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. Just look up ‘Gala’s Organic Kitchen’. Bon appétit!

Life Balance = Dance. Nature. Naam Yoga.

carolCarol Devine – Activism + Culture
Carol is a Canadian writer, researcher and humanitarian with insatiable wanderlust. For Doctors Without Borders she defended humanitarian principles in Rwanda, Sudan and East Timor. For the Diplomacy Training Program, University of New South Wales, she co-trained Aboriginal, Tibetan and Burmese youth. Carol also led the first Antarctic civilian volunteer ecological expedition. Carol is currently trying meditation, to learn more physics and get back on her skateboard. Carol can be contacted at:
Life Balance = Run. Explore. Laugh.

DominikaDominika Ferenz – Moving Pictures
Dominika is a filmmaker, photographer and mother of two girls. She studied film and photography at UTS, completing a Bachelor of Communications (Honours). She now spends her time chasing the perfect shot or her girls and often both at the same time. You can see her photographs and films on her blog or check out her company, ikonfilm at
Life Balance = Laughter. Yoga. Solitude.

Ella_profile_imageElla Mitchell – Interesting Melburnian Women
Ella has worked in film and television production, for advertising agencies and in communications for corporates and government departments. She is also an exhibited and published photographer. Born and raised in Melbourne, Australia, Ella realised her hometown was special after stints living and working interstate and abroad. She started TENANT magazine in 2012, where she documents and celebrates the life and times of Melbourne, by profiling its varied, unique and talented residents. When Ella is not working or blogging she enjoys all the ‘good things’: friends, family, art, nature and a well-penned greeting card. Ella can be contacted at
Life Balance = Community. Art. Laughter.

joanne fedlerJoanne Fedler –  Women’s Voices
Joanne is the author of six books including the international bestseller Secret Mothers’ Business. During her years as a women’s rights advocate, she was made Asshole of the Month by Hustler magazine (one of her proudest achievements). She is a motivational speaker, writing mentor and facilitator and takes women on writing adventures to Bali and Tuscany with Womens Own Adventures. Joanne can be contacted at:
Life Balance = Exercise. Solitude. Cuddles.

Karima 2009 profile pic 93 KBKarima Hinterleitner – Spirit Woman
My work is an expression of my love and my passion. What I share in my work is an outcome of my life-experience and a blossoming of my creativity. Karima was born in Germany and yet feels in her heart to be a citizen of the world. She has been exploring the mysteries of the inner world for the past 35 years. Her passion is to ignite a person’s fascination with their own inner world. She loves to support people in getting to know themselves better. After extensive training and experience she has developed her own unique style of holistic therapy. She is based in Sydney and happily married. Karima can be contacted at: karima[at]innerlachemy[dot]com[dot]au
Life Balance = Love. Truth. Enthusiasm.

P1630651Katerina Cosgrove – Women’s Words
Katerina has been a cafe owner, bookseller, university tutor and has completed a doctorate. Her first novel The Glass Heart was published to critical acclaim in 2000 and her novella Intimate Distance was one of the winners of the Griffith Review/CAL Novella Prize in 2012. Her current novel, Bone Ash Sky, is set during the Armenian Genocide, Lebanon’s civil war and Beirut in the present-day. She lives in Sydney with her husband and daughter and likes to read, needs to meditate and loves to swim in the ocean every day. You can contact Katerina at and
Life Balance = Love. Family. Winter Swimming.

leahLeah Hechtman – Women’s Health
Leah is an experienced and respected clinician who specialises in fertility support and women’s health. Her primary passion is her clinical practice where she is inspired and humbled by her patients. She loves supporting people to reach their individual health goals and improve their quality of life. You can contact Leah at her clinic: .
Life Balance = Meditation. Nature. Love.


LG photoLisa Gaines – Wise Working Woman
Lisa Gaines is the Principal Coach and Facilitator at Brilliant Life, Coaching and Consulting ( and a Business Coach and Workplace Trainer. Lisa has an extensive corporate background in account management, sales and customer relations in industries including IT and Telecommunications, Non Government Organisations, Training and Events and Adult Education. Since arriving in Australia from Ireland 16 years ago, Lisa has had a passionate interest in health and wellbeing. She has dedicated much of her time outside work exploring all avenues of healing on physical, mental, spiritual and emotional levels and loves working with people supporting their growth, development and success in living an inspired life. Contact Lisa at
Life Balance = Relaxation. Presence. Passion.

louiseLouise Campbell – Self Care
Louise has been a wonder woman for 43 years (less the girlhood years, nobody is sure precisely when, or if indeed they have, really finished). Louise spent more than a decade working in senior marketing, sales and public relations roles in the healthcare and pharmaceutical industry.  She has since made a career switch to full-time parent and part-time writer. Every day Louise asks, “Surely, there must be a better way?” She is passionate about helping modern wonder women to extract more personal satisfaction from their busy lives. Louise lives in Sydney with her husband and two young sons. Louise can be contacted at: chorecuts[at]gmail[dot]com
Life Balance = Read. Move. Laugh.

MAREE LipschitzMaree Lipschitz – Women’s Rites
Maree is the The Puberty, Motherhood and Menopause Mentor who guides women through the feminine transitions in life.  She is the mother of two lovely kids and speaks and writes about female rites of passage and how to connect more deeply with the Sacred Feminine.  She also loves singing, beach walking, reading great novels and concocting fabulous meals out of leftovers in the fridge. Maree can be contacted at .
Life Balance = Meditate. Walk. Laugh with kids.

book photoMelanie Strang – Mother Love
Melanie is a doctor, counsellor, psychology student, author and mum. She is passionate about helping parents prepare for parenthood on an emotional and psychological level. Melanie currently runs an education program and counselling service (wellmumwellbaby) in Australia which helps prepare parents for what is to come- she helps normalise many of their feelings around parenthood. She is the author of Mother Love: Embracing the ups and downs of being a new parent. Melanie can be contacted at .
Life Balance = Chocolate. Connecting. Walking.

UntitledMichelle Coxhead – Speak Up and Shut Up!!!
Michelle believes you can say whatever you like, when you like and how you like. We all have a voice and voice is very much a choice. She is the Principal consultant at Word of Mouth Communications (WOMCOM), helping people improve their presentation performance, public speaking skills and vocal impact. She lives in Australia with her husband and two sporty boys and enjoys reading, walking, yoga, camping, hanging out on the beach, being with friends around a campfire, meditating, arts and crafts, and endless bottomless cups of tea. Contact Michelle at
Life Balance = I. Breathe. Well.


IMG_3791Miriam Hechtman – Editor
From documentary filmmaking, producing and research, to finally landing on the page and writing, Miriam has traveled far and wide, on trains, planes and buses, all the while meeting extraordinary people on her adventure. She is also the mother of Noa and Lina, wife of Guy, and a reader, singer and baker when time permits. She has now fused her passion for community, celebrating women and publishing to bring you WonderWomen. She hopes you love it. You can look at some of Miriam’s work at and 
Life Balance = Music. Nature. Laughter.

nadineNadine Richardson – Yoga Mama
Nadine’s work arose from her deep personal gratitude and passion to empower women via the practice and ancient teachings of yoga. She is the only Australian yoga teacher to be included in the award-winning documentary film Yoga Woman for her inspirational contribution to developing a new and dynamic style of prenatal yoga. As well as running yoga retreats worldwide, she also transforms mums and dads lives daily by allowing them to joyously embrace childbirth via her course She Births®: The Ultimate Childbirth Education. Considered a modern woman’s spiritual guide, she also works as a civil celebrant convening weddings and funerals and stays busy raising her young tween son Leroy. See more at:
Life Balance = Awareness. Discipline. Refinement.

IMG_3491Nicky Sandler – First-time Mum
Nicky has worn many hats in her time, but is about to don the most important: becoming a Mum. A nomadic childhood sparked in her an insatiable urge to travel and explore the world. In between adventures (and when she ran out of money) she returned to Australia to build a career in film marketing with stints at SBS’s World Movies Channel, the ABC, Icon Films and Moonlight Cinema. A passion for languages and teaching recently took her down the path of teaching Communications and Management at several universities and English as a Second Language to her fellow itinerants. She’s finally decided to sit still long enough to have a baby (her boldest journey yet) and is excited to have you along for the ride. Nicky can be contacted at: nickysandler[at]gmail[dot]com
Life Balance = Love. Nature. Cups of tea.

Wonder women_profile_OryanaOryana Angel – Parenting
Aside from spending time with her two children and husband, Oryana can be found in the well-trodden halls of News Limited where she writes for The Australian, The Daily Telegraph and Sunday Telegraph. She has also written for Australian Geographic, New Zealand Herald, Jerusalem Post, Sydney Morning Herald, The Big Issue, Cosmopolitan and more. Growing up with hippie parents she rebelled by going to uni, marrying a nice young man and later enforcing routine on her own children. Nowadays she enjoys getting to the heart of important social issues, telling people’s stories and enjoying the journey of life. You can contact Oryana or read other articles she has written, at .
Life Balance = Family. Friends. Nature.


Satyam Veronica Chalmers – Authentic Wellbeing
Satyam is passionate about supporting women to develop a greater sense of wellbeing in their everyday lives. She has been coaching, mentoring, and counselling individuals for the past 12 years, as well as focusing intensively on her own wellbeing by exploring mindfulness techniques, inquiry work, therapeutic groups, and applying extensive research on all aspects of wellbeing to her own life.  This has enabled her to clearly facilitate others in their process towards greater levels of emotional, spiritual, mental and physical wellbeing. Satyam can be contacted at:
Life Balance = Presence. Authenticity. Joy.

Shira SebbanShira Sebban – Life Issues
Shira is a Sydney-based writer and editor, who is passionate about exploring the challenges life throws at us through her writing. A former journalist with the Australian Jewish News, Shira previously taught French at the University of Queensland and worked in publishing. The mother of three sons, she also serves as vice-president on the board of her children’s school. You can read more of her work at
Life Balance = Abandoned. The. Search.

Dymond_140222_7461_1sonjapicSonja Anderson – Books
Sonja is a communication specialist and passionate author with a rich background in multi-media journalism, public relations and marketing.   As well as her expressive professional life, Sonja teaches meditation in her Freshwater studio, in Cairns. Sonja has raised three children, who are her best friends.
Life Balance = Meditation. Love. Communication.