Self-care: every wonder woman needs it.

Louise Campbell invites us on her journey.


Louise Campbellchristoffer-wilhelm-eckersberg-xx-woman-standing-in-front-of-a-mirror-1841-xx-private-collection1

I think I have finally grown up. The woman next to me at my first yoga class last week farted very loudly and I didn’t explode into giggles as I might have (ok, I have done) in the past. This maturity has no doubt come with age and the responsibilities that life brings. The days, months, years spent managing other people’s needs: family, friends, customers, bosses, peers, staff, and now a lovely but high-maintenance husband and two adorable, boisterous young sons. Somewhere along the way, I started shoving my own needs into the junk drawer, along with all the un-filed papers and household bits ‘n bobs that don’t have a file, to be sorted ‘when I get time.’ Like many women I know, I beat on, sort of coping, but wanting to shout, “Stop the clock!” to grab a bonus hour (or decade) to get on top of stuff.

Lying completely still for five minutes at the end of yoga class revealed something far more important than my newfound immunity to bottom humour. A part of me is starving and I need to feed her. I want more of this stillness to reflect on, um … me. I cannot go on pushing my own needs way below everyone else’s. For a start, I’m a feminist, so that would be fundamentally wrong. I know I’m not at my emotional or physical best. And surely my sanity is more important than a bunch of boring old paid bills that I have online anyway? I Ommmed and promised myself to take much better care of ME.

There is a term for this: self-care. It’s all about taking the time to address your personal needs. Common sense, right? Yeah, yeah, yeah. You’ve heard it before. It’s important to take time out for YOU. But do you? Really? Are your needs generally met? If your answers are, “Yes, yes and yes,” I would love to hear about how you do it. If your answers are, “No, no and NO!” please feel free to comment and get it off your chest. Your fellow wonder women will definitely relate!

Proper self-care is much more than skiving off for a facial, or treating yourself to new shoes. It is a prerequisite for soothing the mind, body and spirit, for the sense of satisfaction that every wonder woman deserves. It needs to become part of your routine, like blowing your nose and going to the toilet. At the same time, self-care can’t be as big as Ben Hur or it will end up back in the junk drawer.

I invite you to join me as I seek out simple, achievable steps to better self-care, to reclaim time for you and a live a more harmonious daily life. Because, wonderful woman, you’re more than worth it.