Raw Mango Chocolate Cheesecake

Enticing enough?

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FWcheesecake1Is it even necessary to mention why raw cakes are good for you and delicious? I think we all know that by now. Having said that, I believe only 1-2 pieces are good for you (ok maybe 3 pieces). Enjoy!



1 cup raw almonds roasted or dehydrated. Hazelnuts or macadamias are nice too.

1 cup / 200g Medjool dates

3 tbsp extra virgin coconut oil

Tiny pinch of sea salt

Optional – 1 tspn cinnamon or five spice


1 cup raw cashews soaked overnight, water discarded in the morning onto your garden bed

1⁄4 cup cacao butter

1⁄4 cup coconut oil

1⁄4 cup rice milk or whatever plant milk you prefer

2-4 tbsp maple syrup – taste test for sweetness

1 tbsp lemon juice

1 ripe mango or 1⁄2-1 cup of dried mango soaked in a little water barely to cover for as little as 30mins up to 1 day

Please note: If you want intense mango flavour add 1 cup dried mangoes soaked in water for about an hour. If you use fresh mango it gives a gentle mango flavour.

Optional: 2 Medjool dates

Optional: 1 vanilla pod’s seeds scraped out


2 ripe avocados

1/2 cup cacao powder

3 tbsp coconut oil

Optional: 1 tspn Maca powder

A loving shot of vanilla extract

Tiny pinch of sea salt

1⁄4 cup maple syrup or coconut syrup

3 tbsp – 1⁄4 cup rice milk to make a smooth mixture

1⁄2 cup Medjool dates soaked in water 15min, drained- optional


Half a strawberry on each piece or blueberries all over


Spread some coconut oil on your desired cake tin. Make the crust by combining all ingredients in a food processor. Press into cake tin – even if it crumbles don’t worry just squeeze it flat using your fingers – with patience. Put aside.
 Blend all chocolate filling ingredients – taste test for enough sweetness and cacao. Adjust if necessary – avocado sizes vary greatly so you will probably have to adjust the cacao and maple syrup amounts so that it tastes like chocolate not avocado.
 Blend mango cashew cream and taste test. Adjust if needed.
On the crust spread the mango cashew filling followed by the chocolate filling and lastly, drizzle berries on top. If the mango cashew filling is too soft to add the next chocolate layer, just let it harden in the fridge or freezer for a little while before adding the final layer.
 A little citrus zest or vanilla powder sprinkled on top is very nice too.

Coconut oil is a healthy saturated fat which is metabolized in the liver into energy and NOT into fat! Coconut oil helps with detoxing and is antibacterial. Far out.

Cacao is truly a superfood one of the highest natural sources of magnesium and antioxidants while being rich in manganese, iron and chromium. Containing Theobromine, cacao enhances mood and brain function. It is ideal for muscle contraction, cardiovascular health, PMS symptoms and energy. Cacao also contains PEA a “love” chemical as well as anandamide- a neurotransmitter of bliss.

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