Happy International Women’s Day!

WW Editor, Miriam, recaps the Sydney IWD fundraiser.

DSC_0938Miriam Hechtman 

Hello dear women across the globe! It is with much joy that I wish each of you a Happy International Women’s Day. I hope you find some time today to honour the women in your life, to contemplate  the lives of other women, and to honour yourself. Two nights ago in Sydney, Australia, my home, I put on a fundraiser, as I have done so for the past seven years, to honour IWD and raise money for a great cause. Below is an excerpt from my speech on the night and a link to photos from the evening. It was a fantastic night – the perfect mix of delicious food, soulful music, meditation, inspiring speakers, honouring woman, social activism and community. I am grateful for my community of women who continue to support me, inspire me, challenge me, remind me, and honour me.  Here is the excerpt:

I remember my first scream. I was 18 years old doing a therapeutic workshop with my best friend and her mum. The workshop leader was assisting me as I navigated my way through old trauma. And then out of nowhere, or rather out of everywhere, came a feral scream from the depths of my core. It not only sounded foreign to me, it felt like I had found a part of my body I didn’t even know was there. The depths of that scream and the exhilaration of feeling something so new and old, all at once, both shocked and strangely enough comforted me. It was me unedited. All of me. I had accessed somewhere, something, someone and it felt incredibly liberating. 

I have since opened to that part of myself in other workshops, but more recently, and without the guiding space of a workshop, I resurrected my wild woman whilst giving birth to my second daughter, Lina. Even to retell my birth story, I can only grasp at glimpses of the untamed me, the raw, voice-full, WonderWoman that I was, am. Natasha my doula, who is with us here tonight, was my witness and supporter and I told her a couple of days ago in an email that I might cry when I see her because I feel like she shared in such an incredible experience with me that feels quite far away now. And we don’t get to experience things like that very often – the wild woman stuff. And I am quite certain that I won’t give birth again, so there too is a grief around this being my last chance to experience myself in that state.  

But luckily wildness comes with its own barometer so it’s not only about the scream or laboring and pushing out life into the big wide world. It is about finding that unedited form of yourself, the wild woman, the dancer, the singer, the artist, the runner, the climber, the builder, the magician, the witch, the actress, the musician, the cook, the traveller, the leaper, the meditator, the creator.

When you’re wild, you’re free.

You know her.

Be brave. Be wild.

Good evening dear women and thank you so much for joining us here tonight to celebrate all that is woman. It is a pleasure to host for the 7th year this wonderful international women’s day fundraiser. Last year, I ‘boldly’ came out as a feminist, though I was told afterwards that this was not so shocking and of course we all knew that Miriam…

So this year, given my word for the year is BRAVE, I wanted to share with you my thoughts on wildness and hopefully inspire that part of you.

The global theme for Int Women’s Day 2014 is Inspiring Change. Why I put on this event every year is because it inspires me to inspire you to make a difference in the world and in your life.

*** If you would like to host next year’s IWD fundraiser in your city, please contact me. 

Miriam Hechtman – Editor’s Note
From documentary filmmaking, producing and research, to finally landing on the page and writing, Miriam has traveled far and wide, on trains, planes and buses, all the while meeting extraordinary people on her adventure. She is also the mother of Noa and Lina, wife of Guy, and a reader, singer and baker when time permits. She has now fused her passion for community, celebrating women and publishing to bring you WonderWomen. She hopes you love it. You can look at some of Miriam’s work at movingtrainsproductions.wordpress.com and holocaustsurvivors.wordpress.com 
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