2013 – Year of the Woman

Hello Women!

A new year begins today and given this glorious deadline I feel compelled to start WonderWomen now.

Welcome to WonderWomen – an online portal for all things woman in Sydney. This space has been brewing inside me for some time now and it brings me much joy to invite you to this new and exciting community for women.

coogee baths signI am especially inspired to begin today because I had the perfect new year’s morning in a sacred women’s space. Early this morning I headed down to McIver’s Ladies Baths in Coogee at around 6.45 to meet two of my dear friends for a new year’s morning swim and meditation. I got there earlier so I could have some time and space to myself and geeze louise, was this a brilliant decision! I was met by only a few women, mostly older women, some perhaps even in their 80s and I felt immensely blessed to be in the company of these older wise women to begin my new year. One woman was swimming topless, her beautiful, wrinkled, sagging breasts, free and unashamed. Another woman and I swam the pool, chatting a little at each end, marvelling at the cool water. I reflected that I hadn’t been to the women’s baths since I was probably 19 or 20, a single woman, studying, searching, traveling. And now as a 37 year old woman, a wife, a mother of a daughter, I am back in the space, older, wiser, journeyed but still journeying, wrinklier, freer in my heart and thoughts. And with each lap, my clarity on what 2013 means to me began to deepen. It is the Year of the Woman.

WonderWomen is a place for women in Sydney to connect, share, read, write, engage, learn, find, inspire and be inspired by other women in Sydney. I have been reading other websites for women and I think the defining difference of WonderWomen is that it will also be a sacred site for women. We are building community here, listening to each other, sharing our stories, meeting up at events and encouraging each other’s growth and journeys. As a fledgling idea I appreciate your patience, feedback and goodwill as I traverse the new world of WonderWomen. I plan to begin small and trust that what transpires will be wonder-ful.