In Awe of Women

Maree reflects on Pathways into Womanhood.

MAREE LipschitzMaree Lipschitz

I stand in awe of women.

I’m in awe of the 12 beautiful, brave young women who, a few weeks ago, transitioned from girls to young women.

I stood with them and witnessed their courage, their trust, their inherent knowing. I sat with their 12 amazing mothers and other leaders to pay homage to their incredible journey.

In the magnificent lushness of Kangaroo Valley, ancient initiation country, we came together as a community of women to weave a strong basket of love and trust to hold our girls so that young women could emerge.

We sang. We danced. We told stories of our lives. We laughed. We cried. We healed each other. As women do.

And so another 12 fine young women are initiated into womanhood. They’ve experienced a rite of passage that taught them the power of women standing together, working together, with honesty and truth.

I’m in awe of women’s amazing capacity to heal each other emotionally when we come together in compassion and love. To sit in circle knowing that each woman’s sharing is a part of my story, each spoken moment touches me as a woman at different parts of my life. For while the stories may be different, the essential journey of the Feminine is the same.

So I honour the 12 young women who have had an experience of sisterhood that will guide them irrevocably from this point. I trust so deeply in this process that they all receive exactly what it is that is needed for them on their journey into womanhood.

I thank their 12 courageous mothers who entrusted their precious daughters to our care and attention. I honour the large community of fathers and grandmothers and family that welcomed them back at the end as young women. To watch each young women step forward and receive the applause and recognition of a whole community (young, old, men, women, children, and babies) is a delight and a privilege to behold. To look into the shining eyes of a young six year old girl as she shyly says, ‘It will be my turn to come soon!’

To see the pride in a grandmother’s face as she waits to greet all of us – and to watch as each young woman stops to kiss her and hug her – whether it’s her own grandmother or not.

To make all this normal and everyday. This is my prayer:

That women bring their daughters to Circle.

That we honour the wisdom of the grandmothers.

That we trust in the Circle of women to heal us and guide us.

To give thanks that we can gather as women in this country in safety and respect and without fear of retaliation.

To trust in the amazing healing power and comfort of women gathering in Circle with compassion and open hearts.

To trust in the magnificence of each woman – her joys, her fears, the precious piece of her unique feminine quality that only she can bring.

To give blessings that this is my work.


The next Pathways into Womanhood for 13-15yo girls and their Mums will be held 24-28 Sept 2013 in Kangaroo Valley, NSW, Australia, and is booking up quickly.  Next program is April school hols 2014.

The younger girls program ‘Let’s Talk Growing Up’ for 9-12yo girls and their Mums will be held in Coogee, Sydney, Australia on July 27-28 2013.  Ring Maree +61 417 428 007 for more details.

Maree Lipschitz – Women’s Rites
Maree is the The Puberty, Motherhood and Menopause Mentor who guides women through the feminine transitions in life.  She is the mother of two lovely kids and speaks and writes about female rites of passage and how to connect more deeply with the Sacred Feminine.  She also loves singing, beach walking, reading great novels and concocting fabulous meals out of leftovers in the fridge. Maree can be contacted at .
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